Congrats to Dr. Remington Poulin!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017 - 1:11pm
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Please join us in congratulating Dr. Remington Poulin from Dr. Julia Kubanek’s group, on the completion of his Ph.D. degree. Dr. Poulin came to our program in 2012 from the Unviersity of Hawaii at Mānoa. His Georgia Tech research, summarized in a thesis titled “Waves of communication: metabolomics describe the nature and role of waterborne cues in the marine environment,” provided insights into how marine organisms communicate through molecular signaling - a timely topic given the increasing appreciation of such processes among the microbiome communities in higher organisms.  A list of his Georgia Tech publications is shown below. 

During his time at Tech, Dr. Poulin has collaborated with the Fernandez lab here at Georgia Tech, Kelsey Poulson-Ellestad (Roosevelt University – Chicago), and Henrik Pavia, Gunilla Toth, and Stina Jakobsson-Thor (University of Gothenburg –Sweden). Additionally, he has received many awards such as Best Student Oral Presentation Award at the 31st Annual meeting of the International Society of Chemical Ecology in Stockholm, Sweden, CETL/BP Outstanding TA award finalist, and the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry Outstanding Graduate TA Award. He will continue his career as a postdoc at the Max Planck Instititue for Chemical Ecology in Jena, Germany, under the direction of Dr. Georg Pohnert, where he will be working to isolate and characaterize waterborne cues important in mediating competition interactions in marine phytoplankton. We look forward to following him on the next stage in his exciting career!



Jakobsson-Thor, S., Toth, G., Poulin, R. X., Kubanek, J., Pavia, H. Isolation and characterization of inhibitory compounds against the wasting disease pathogen Labyrinthula zosterae in the eelgrass Zostera marinaIn Prep

Poulin, R. X., Hogan, S., Poulson-Ellestad, K. L., Brown, E., Fernandez, F., Kubanek, J. Karenia brevis allelopathy compromises the lipidome, membrane integrity, and photosynthetic efficiency of competitors. In Review: Sci Rep

Poulin, R. X., Lavoie, S., Siegel, K., Gaul, D. A., Weissburg, M., Kubanek, J. Chemical encoding of risk perception and predator detection among estuarine invertebratesIn Revision: Proc Nat Acad Sci

Poulin, R. X., Poulson-Ellestad, K. L., Roy, J. S., Kubanek, J. Variable allelopathy among phytoplankton reflected in red tide metabolome.Accepted pending minor revisions: Harmful Algae

Weissburg, M., Poulin, R. X., Kubanek, J. You are what you eat: A metabolomics approach to understanding prey responses to diet-dependent chemical cues released by predators. J. Chem Ecol 2016 42 (10) 1037-1046

Schwartz, E., Poulin, R. X., Mojib, N., Kubanek, J. Chemical Ecology of the marine plankton. Nat Prod Rep 2016 33 (7) 843-860

Roy, J., Poulson-Ellestad, K. L., Sieg, T. D., Poulin, R. X., Kubanek, J. Chemical Ecology of the marine plankton. Nat Prod Rep 2013 30 (11) 1364-1379


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