The school's tenured and tenure track faculty are typically active in the teaching of undergraduate and graduate classes, the supervision of research projects conducted by undergraduates, graduate students and in many cases postdoctoral scholars or research scientists. Some of them also have administrative responsibilities. It is expected that tenured and tenure track faculty secure outside financial support, usually from government agencies or industry, for the research projects under their supervision, and publish the results of their research projects.

M.G. Finn, School Chair

Facundo Fernandez, Associate Chair for Research

Jake Soper, Associate Chair for Operations

Angus Wilkinson, Associate Chair for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Name Title (custom) Phone Building Room
Vinayak Agarwal Assistant Professor 404-385-3798 IBB 3315
E. Kent Barefield Professor Emeritus (404) 894-4034 ES&T L1242
William J. Baron Director, Undergraduate Studies (retired) and Senior Academic Professional Emeritus Boggs
Lawrence Bottomley Professor Emeritus
Marcus Cicerone Professor (404) 894-2761 MoSE G026
David M. Collard Professor and Senior Associate Dean, College of Sciences (404) 894-4026 MoSE 2100J
Robert Dickson Vasser Woolley Professor of Chemistry (404) 894-4007 MoSE G209A
Christoph J. Fahrni Professor (404) 385-1164 IBB 3310
Facundo M. Fernandez Vasser Woolley Foundation Chair in Bioanalytical Chemistry, Professor and Associate Chair for Research (404) 385-4432 ES&T L1244
M.G. Finn Professor and Chair ; James A. Carlos Family Chair for Pediatric Technology (404) 385-0906 MoSE 2201B
Stefan France Associate Professor (404) 385-1796 MoSE 2100K
Neha Garg Assistant Professor (404) 385-5677 EBB 4016
James C Gumbart Assistant Professor (404) 385-0797 Howey W202
Will Gutekunst Assistant Professor (404) 894-4675 MoSE 1100Q
Nicholas Hud Regents Professor (404) 385-1162 IBB 1108
Profile picture for Aditi Das, Ph.D. Aditi Das Associate Professor 609-203-6024 IBB 3306
Jiri (Art) Janata Professor Emeritus (404) 894-4828
Kenyetta Johnson Director of Graduate Studies (404) 894-8227 MoSE 2222L
Joshua Kretchmer Assistant Professor (404) 894-3574 MoSE 2100H
Julia Kubanek Professor and Vice President for Interdisciplinary Research (404) 894-8424 ES&T 2242
Henry La Pierre Assistant Professor, School of Chemistry and Biochemisty and the Nuclear and Radiological Engineering and Medical Physics Program (404)385-3258 MoSE 1100L
Anh Le Laboratory Coordinator for Physical Chemistry
Raquel Lieberman Professor (404) 385-3663 IBB 1308
Charles Liotta Regents Professor Emeritus (404) 894-4048 ES&T 2230
Jesse McDaniel Assistant Professor MoSE 2100L
Christy O'Mahony Laboratory Coordinator for Analytical and Physical Chemistry (404) 894-2843 Boggs 2-90E
Thomas Orlando Professor (404) 894-4012 MoSE G209C
Mary E. Peek Principal Academic Professional (404) 894-4001 Boggs 2-90G
Pamela Peralta-Yahya Associate Professor (404) 894-4228 MoSE 2100P
Joseph W. Perry Professor Emeritus
Pamela Pollet Safety Program Coordinator, Senior Research Scientist and Associate Director of the Specialty Separation Center (404) 385-4484 ES&T 2372
Dong Qin Associate Professor (404) 385-2182 MoSE 3100N
Amit R. Reddi Associate Professor (404) 385-1428 IBB 3313
John Reynolds Professor (404) 385-4390 MoSE 2120B
Paul S. Russo Professor, Hightower Chair in Biopolymers 404-385-2607 MRDC 3508
Ingeborg Schmidt-Krey Associate Professor (404) 385-0286 Cherry Emerson, A118
Gary B. Schuster Vasser Woolley Professor Emeritus (404) 894-0202 MoSE 2147
Carrie Shepler Principal Academic Professional and Assistant Dean for Teaching Effectiveness (404) 385-1342 CULC 584A
David Sherrill Regents' Professor (404) 894-4037 MoSE 2100M
Carsten Sievers Assistant Professor (404) 385-7685 ES&T 2218
Jake Soper Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Operations (404) 894-4022 MoSE 1100H
Amanda Stephens Director of Undergraduate Advising 404-385-3935 CULC 584B
Amanda Stockton Assistant Professor (404) 894-4090 MoSE 1100K
Laren M. Tolbert Professor Emeritus
Matthew Torres Assistant Professor 404-385-0401 EBB 4009
Angus Wilkinson Professor and Associate Chair for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs (404) 894-4036 MoSE 1100J
Loren Williams Professor (404) 385-6258 IBB 1309
Paul H. Wine Professor Emeritus
Ronghu Wu Associate Professor (404) 385-1515 EBB 4011
Younan Xia Brock Family Chair and Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in Nanomedicine (404) 385-3209 MoSE 3100J
Z. John Zhang Professor (404) 894-6368 MoSE 1100N
Hui Zhu Laboratory Coordinator for Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry (404) 385-3373 Boggs 2-90J