See below for an alphabetical list of the School’s tenure-track, instructional, adjunct, and emeritus faculty. Descriptions of areas of interest of research-active faculty can be found here by interdisciplinary research themes and here by traditional sub disciplines.
Name Title Phone Building Room
faculty picture Vinayak Agarwal Assistant Professor 404-385-3798 IBB 3315
Jason Azoulay MOSE
faculty picture E. Kent Barefield Professor Emeritus (404) 894-4034 ES&T L1242
faculty picture William J. Baron Director, Undergraduate Studies (retired) and Senior Academic Professional Emeritus Boggs
faculty picture Lawrence Bottomley Professor Emeritus
faculty picture Marcus Cicerone Professor (404) 894-2761 MoSE G026
faculty picture David M. Collard Professor and Senior Associate Dean, College of Sciences (404) 894-4026 MoSE 2100J
Profile picture for Aditi Das, Ph.D. Aditi Das Associate Professor 609-203-6024 IBB 3306
faculty picture Robert Dickson Vasser Woolley Professor of Chemistry (404) 894-4007 MoSE G209A
faculty picture Mostafa El-Sayed Regents’ Emeritus Professor (404) 894-0292 Boggs 104-B (LDL)
faculty picture Michael Evans Senior Academic Professional (404) 385-8166 CULC 584C
faculty picture Christoph J. Fahrni Professor (404) 385-1164 IBB 3310
faculty picture Facundo M. Fernandez Regents' Professor and Vasser-Woolley Chair in Bioanalytical Chemistry. Associate Chair for Research and Graduate Training (404) 385-4432 ES&T L1244
M.G. Finn Profile Picture M.G. Finn Professor and Chair ; James A. Carlos Family Chair for Pediatric Technology (404) 385-0906 MoSE 2201B
faculty picture Stefan France Associate Professor (404) 385-1796 MoSE 2100K
faculty picture Neha Garg Assistant Professor (404) 385-5677 EBB 4016
faculty picture James C Gumbart Associate Professor (404) 385-0797 Howey W202
faculty picture Will Gutekunst Associate Professor (404) 894-4675 MoSE 1100Q
buzz with beeker pic Nasrin Hooshmand Principal Research Scientist
William Howitz William Howitz Academic Professional Boggs 2-90
faculty picture Nicholas Hud Regents Professor (404) 385-1162 IBB 1108
faculty picture Jiri (Art) Janata Professor Emeritus (404) 894-4828
faculty picture Kenyetta Johnson Taylor Director of Graduate Studies (404) 894-8227 MoSE 2222L
Lynn Kamerlin Lynn Kamerlin Vasser Woolley Georgia Research Alliance Chair in Molecular Design
faculty picture Joshua Kretchmer Assistant Professor (404) 894-3574 MoSE 2100H
faculty picture Julia Kubanek Professor and Vice President for Interdisciplinary Research (404) 894-8424 ES&T 2242
faculty picture Henry La Pierre Associate Professor, School of Chemistry and Biochemisty and the Nuclear and Radiological Engineering and Medical Physics Program (404)385-3258 MoSE 1100L
faculty picture Anh Le Laboratory Coordinator for Physical Chemistry
faculty picture Raquel Lieberman Professor, Sepcic-Pfiel Endowed Chair (404) 385-3663 IBB 1308
faculty picture Charles Liotta Regents Professor Emeritus (404) 894-4048 ES&T 2230
faculty picture Jesse McDaniel Assistant Professor MoSE 2100L
McShan profile picture Andrew McShan Assistant Professor (404) 385-6052 MoSE G022
faculty picture Christy O'Mahony Laboratory Coordinator for Analytical and Physical Chemistry (404) 894-2843 Boggs 2-90E
faculty picture Thomas Orlando Professor (404) 894-4012 MoSE G209C
faculty picture Adegboyega "Yomi" Oyelere Professor (404) 894-4047 IBB 3305
faculty picture Mary E. Peek Principal Academic Professional (404) 894-4001 Boggs 2-90G
faculty picture Pamela Peralta-Yahya Associate Professor (404) 894-4228 MoSE 2100P
faculty picture Pamela Pollet Safety Program Coordinator, Senior Research Scientist and Associate Director of the Specialty Separation Center (404) 385-4484 ES&T 2372
faculty picture Dong Qin Associate Professor (404) 385-2182 MoSE 3100N
faculty picture Amit R. Reddi Associate Professor (404) 385-1428 IBB 3313
Reynolds profile picture John Reynolds Professor MoSE 2120B
faculty picture Joseph Sadighi Associate Professor (404) 385-2244 MoSE G022
Deborah Santos Deborah Santos Academic Professional CULC 584B
Ingeborg Schmidt-Krey Associate Professor 404/385-0286 ULC
faculty picture Gary B. Schuster Vasser Woolley Professor Emeritus (404) 894-0202 MoSE 2147
faculty picture Carrie Shepler Principal Academic Professional and Assistant Dean for Teaching Effectiveness (404) 385-1342 CULC 584A
faculty picture David Sherrill Regents' Professor (404) 894-4037 MoSE 2100M
faculty picture Carsten Sievers Assistant Professor (404) 385-7685 ES&T 2218
faculty picture Carlos Silva Professor (404) 385-3410 MoSE G209B
faculty picture Jake Soper Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Operations (404) 894-4022 MoSE 1100H
faculty picture Amanda Stockton Associate Professor (404) 894-4090 MoSE 1100K
faculty picture Laren M. Tolbert Professor Emeritus
faculty picture Matthew Torres Assistant Professor 404-385-0401 EBB 4009
faculty picture Cameron Tyson Assistant Dean, College of Sciences
faculty picture Angus Wilkinson Professor and Associate Chair for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs (404) 894-4036 MoSE 1100J
faculty picture Loren Williams Professor (404) 385-6258 IBB 1309
faculty picture Paul H. Wine Professor Emeritus
faculty picture Ronghu Wu Associate Professor (404) 385-1515 EBB 4011
faculty picture Younan Xia Brock Family Chair and Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in Nanomedicine (404) 385-3209 MoSE 3100J
faculty picture Z. John Zhang Professor (404) 894-6368 MoSE 1100N
faculty picture Hui Zhu Laboratory Coordinator for Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry (404) 385-3373 Boggs 2-90J