VWR-School of Chemistry and Biochemistry’s 2017 Safety and Sustainability Awards

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - 9:37am
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Stephen Crooke

Swe-Htat Naing

Brian Schmatz


Please join us in congratulating Brian Schmatz, Swe-Htet Naing and Stephen Crooke on being selected as the recipient of the VWR-School of Chemistry and Biochemistry’s 2017 Safety and Sustainability Awards. “Working safely in the laboratory is the first and most important consideration every day for every scientist, at every level of experience, in our School. The students honored here have contributed very significantly to improving our overall safety culture. Bravo from our grateful faculty, staff, and fellow researchers!” says M.G. Finn, Professor and Chair of the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

The VWR safety and sustainability Awards were made possible with the support of Jason Robinson, Account Manager at VWR. “Safety, being an integral part of the research process, is always the vital "best practice" to keep yourself and others from harm, while furthering your scientific endeavors. VWR takes the issue of safety and sustainability with the utmost importance, and I'm proud to work with the Chemistry Department at GA Tech where that importance is echoed.  Thanks for all your hard work and the extra effort applied to keep everyone safe!”” explains Jason.

Brian Schmatz works with Professor John Reynolds. Brian’s leadership in developing a culture of sustainability in research within the School and institute has been transformative. In collaboration with EH&S and VWR, Brian has established the Kimberly-Clark Right cycle nitrile glove recycling program across multiple research labs and the undergraduate general chemistry teaching labs. The first pallet of recycled gloves was shipped in April 2017! He has previously served as co-chair of the SGA sustainability committee and is engaged in organizing and teaching Research Lab Sustainability lectures as part of the “GT Green Labs" initiative.

Swe-Htet Naing works with Professor Raquel Lieberman. Swe-Htet’s sustained commitment to safety practices and culture has been recognized from his group members and members from the IBB community. His pro-active approach to best practices includes developing safety minutes and lesson learned for group meetings. Swe-Htet’s constructive promotion of best practices positively impacts everyone from colleagues to undergraduate students. 

Stephen Crooke works with Professor M.G. Finn. Stephen has been the safety office for Dr. Finn’s group in the Engineering Biosystems Building.  Stephen is a professional and dedicated colleague in the vital task of maintaining good safety practices. His willingness to help others is widely recognized by his colleagues. Stephen also is a great instructor dedicated to model scientific and professional skills to undergraduate researchers.

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