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Carlos was born in Mexico City and did his undergraduate studies at Luther College. He then earned a PhD in chemical physics from the University of Minnesota, with the late Professor Paul Barbara. His graduate research focused on ultrafast polar solvation dynamics, probed by transient absorption spectroscopy on the solvated electron and transition-metal mixed-valence complexes. Following his graduate degree in 1998, he was Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Professor Sir Richard Friend at the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, where he developed an ultrafast spectroscopy laboratory to investigate the photophysics of conjugated polymers and related organic semiconductors. In 2001, he began his independent academic career as Advanced Research Fellow of the UK Engineering and Physical Science Research Council at the Cavendish Laboratory, and simultaneously became Research Fellow in Darwin College, University of Cambridge. He moved to the Université de Montréal with a Canada Research Chair in 2005, where he developed a world-class ultrafast spectroscopy laboratory for the study of electronic processes in organic semiconductor materials. In recognition of his rising international leadership, he was awarded the 2010 Herzberg Medal and the 2016 Brockhouse Medal by the Canadian Association of Physicists. Carlos’s research career at Georgia Tech will build on his previous research experiences to bring innovative optical probes of organic and hybrid organic-inorganic semiconductor materials. This program will exploit a range of spectroscopic techniques, including nonlinear ultrafast spectroscopies such as two-dimensional coherent excitation spectroscopies, and quantum spectroscopy, in which quantum properties of light are exploited to unravel light-matter interactions with intricate detail. These techniques will be applied to understand key electronic processes in a wide range of materials, with many target applications in optoelectronics, on timescales ranging from femtoseconds to milliseconds. For more information please see his faculty and research group pages.

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