An MS degree provides career opportunities beyond those available with just an BS degree and can lead to a higher starting salary. It can also serve as an effective bridge to professional or graduate schools.  

It is possible to get an MS degree in Chemistry in addition to your BS in Biochemistry or Chemistry with one additional year of study beyond the requirements for a BS degree, by careful course selection during your BS studies, as a limited numbers of classes can be counted towards both degrees.   

Details of the BS/MS option requirements, and programs of study, for students pursuing BS CHEM and BS BCHM can be found at BS Chemistry Options  and BS Biochemistry Options respectively.

If you are a current GT student and interested in pursuing a BS/MS, you should meet with your academic advisor to discuss how this might work for you as your path through to graduation with an MS needs to be planned well in advance of your graduation with a BS degree. We accept applications for our BS/MS options from students with between 30 and 90 credit hours (including transfer credit) and GPAs of 3.3 and above. If you have more than 90 credit hours, we may still be able to accept an application, but this is not guaranteed.