Under the direction of the school Chair M.G. Finn and Associate Chair Angus Wilkinson, Jake Soper and Facundo Fernandez the school’s staff are led by:

Administrative Support Personnel

The Assistant Director of Administrative Operations oversees the school's general administrative support for faculty and research groups.  This support is provided by the individuals listed below and on the administrative staff support roster.

Name Duties
Monica Branch Supports: David Collard, Dr. Christy O'Mahony, Dr. Mary Peek, Dr. Joseph Sadighi, Dr. Carlos Silva, Dr. Jake Soper, Dr. Amanda Stephens, Dr. Angus Wilkinson, Dr. Hui Zhu, Dr. Bill Baron. Interim Support: Amanda Stockton
Jenny Eaton Supports Professors Agarwal, Barry, Fahrni, Lieberman, May, Reddi, and Reynolds
Shantel Floyd Supports Professor Fernandez, France, Liotta and Hud as well as the NSF Center for Chemical Evolution.
Wendy B. Harris Supports the Glass Shop, Mass Spec, NMR, Safety, Xray service centers and the School's seminar program.
Keisha Harville Supports the Professors Bredas, Gutekunst, Kelly, McDaniel, Sherrill, and Williams. Interim support: Professor Cicerone, La Pierre.
Julia Stackhaus  
Michele Yager Supports the Office of the Chair, the El-Sayed research group, and the Laser Dynamics Laboratory. Oversees the operations of the Main Office.

Scientific & Technical Management

Technical Staff

The school operates a scientific glass blowing shop and the Equipment Design and Support Services (EDSS) center. The glass blowing shop operates as a cost center and provides glassware design, fabrication and repair services to all parts of the Georgia Tech campus on a fee for services basis. The school's (EDSS) center provides design and fabrication services for electronic instruments, and undertakes the repair/modification of commercial scientific equipment. EDSS's services are only available to faculty, staff and students working in the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Name Duties
Elayne Ashley The Glassblower is available to any department at Georgia Tech is able to consult, design, modify and fabricate scientific glassware. Each glass apparatus is designed and constructed by the scientific glassblower based on collaboration with individual res
Richard Bedell Manages the school's equipment engineering and support services center

Information Technology Team

The Academic and Research Computing Services team supports the desktop computing, server, local network and high performance computing needs of our faculty, staff and researchers.

For help, please contact: support@chemistry.gatech.edu

Facility/Building Managers

The School of Chemistry and Biochemistry has personnel in six different buildings across the Georgia Tech campus. The buildings/facility managers for two of these buildings, Molecular Science and Technology (MoSE) and Boggs, are employees of the school. Facility/building managers are expected to oversee the maintenance and security of their buildings and provide services to all building occupants regardless of their school affiliation.

Name Duties
Michael Riley Coordination of maintenance, building improvement and security for the Boggs building; backup facility manager for the Molecular Science and Engineering building
W. Victor (Vic) Summey Coordination of maintenance, building improvement and security for the Molecular Science and Engineering building; backup facility manager for the Boggs building.

Scientific Staff

The School of Chemistry and Biochemistry manages and staffs the Institute's Mass Spectrometry and NMR service centers. These facilities provide scientific services to researchers both on and off campus on a fee for service basis. Our scientific staff also provide support for undergraduate laboratory programs.

Name Duties
Johannes Leisen Assistant Director of the campus NMR service center
David Gaul Senior Research Scientist , SyMS-C Mass Spectrometry Core