Award winners from the 2022 spring symposium in the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Spring Research Symposium Awards 2023

William Emerson Best Poster Award ($500 each)
Caria Evans (France group)
Chloe LeCates (Stockton group)
Hailee Scelsi (Lieberman group)
Wenting Shi (Finn group)
Kejun Yin (Wu group)

First Place Presentation ($1000)
Suehyun Park (McDaniel Group)

Second Place Presentation ($750)
Alec Pabarue (Gutekunst Group)

Third Place Presentation ($500)
Monica Monge Loria (Garg Group)

Runners-up ($250 each)
Andrew Boggiano (La Pierre Group)
Alexis Johnston (Oyelere Group)
Esteban Rojas Gatjens (Silva Group)


Other Awards 2023

William Emerson Outstanding Research Award ($500 each)
Nikki Aiosa (Garg Group)
Jacob Jeskey (Xia Group) 
Alexandra Van Grouw (Fernandez Group)
Dariia Yehorova (Kamerlin Group)

William Emerson Outstanding Graduate Student Service Award ($500)
Wenting Shi (Finn Group) 

William Emerson Best Second Year Seminar Awards ($200)
Caroline Sargent (Sherrill Group) 
Chad Pozarycki (Stockton Group)


Prestigious Fellowships 2023

Moody Family Fellowship ($1000)
Jessica Deutsch (Garg Group) 

Hurley, Rene & Jeffrey Family Fellowship ($1000)
Esteban Rojas Gatjens (Silva Group)

William Starnes Graduate Research Travel Award Fellowship ($1000)
Quynh Nguyen (Xia Group)


Teaching Awards 2023

William Emerson Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards ($250) 
First-year Chemistry

Mikhayla Clothier
Daniel Bodine 

Organic Chemistry
Abigail Hagwood (CHEM 2312)
Chloe LeCates (CHEM 2380)

Gwendell Thomas (CHEM 4581)

Analytical Chemistry
Tyler Bills (CHEM 3216L)

Physical Chemistry
Chengyuan Shao (CHEM 3481L)