Molecules from the McDaniel Lab at Middle Grades Discover GT Community Outreach Event

Graduate students in the McDaniel laboratory recently helped middle school students explore theoretical chemistry.

Water on the Moon May Be Forming Due to Electrons From Earth

The research, which was published in Nature Astronomy last month, has the potential to impact our understanding of how water, a critical resource for life and sustained future human missions to the Moon, formed and continues to evolve.

College of Sciences Welcomes Nine New Advisory Board Members

Alumni will lend their expertise to Dean Susan Lozier and College administrators regarding priorities and direction for sciences education and research.

Simpler Approach to Prevent Cervical Cancer Makes Collegiate Inventors Competition Finals

Students create a multilayered menstrual pad add-on that collects blood samples for gynecological disease screening.

New Polymer Membranes, AI Predictions Could Dramatically Reduce Energy, Water Use in Oil Refining

The membranes would improve distillation processes that account for 1% of the world’s energy use.

Sea Spray, Water Worlds, and the Search for Life

Amanda Stockton is harnessing aerosols to better understand the emergence of life on Earth, and our search for life beyond