Susan Lozier began her service as the new Dean and Betsy Middleton and John Clark Sutherland Chair of the College of Sciences on September 1.

Lozier’s path to Georgia Tech is marked by excellence in research, education, and leadership, as well as the integration of scientific disciplines and a passion for mentoring. As dean, she will bring her vast experience to bear in addressing the needs of the College as she leads it to the next levels of achievement.

In the next few months, Lozier will meet with and listen to the College’s diverse constituents. “Reaching out to everyone and understanding their concerns and their vision for the College moving ahead is important to me,” she says.

Broadly, Lozier has three goals as dean:

  • To strengthen the sense of community among students, alumni, faculty, research scientists/postdocs, and staff
  • To elevate sciences and mathematics research and education across Georgia Tech and beyond
  • To develop resources to support College of Sciences innovators in pursuing special projects, new research directions, and teaching and outreach opportunities.

About the first goal, Lozier says, “I’m very interested in making sure everybody understands that they are valued members of the College and that their contributions are highly appreciated.” She’s especially keen to bolster students’ identification with the College as their home, in addition to their natural affinity for their schools.

Of the second goal, Lozier says she wants to “immerse myself in the work of the College so I can be an effective communicator of that work, which is necessary for me to achieve my third goal,” which is to develop resources for people to advance their innovative ideas.

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