NSF REUs, a new community college initiative, conferences and workshops offer ample opportunities for students — current, prospective, and visiting — to hone their research skills in the College of Sciences.

Over 30 from College of Sciences are recognized as 2021-2022 recipients of top student honors, teaching assistant accolades, and future faculty awards — including the Institute’s prestigious Love Family Foundation Award.

Nearly 50 College of Sciences faculty are receiving Center for Teaching and Learning awards for excellence in teaching.

U.S. News ranks all six schools among the best in the nation for graduate studies, with Biology rising by 17, Earth Sciences by 10, Mathematics by five, and Psychology by six. Specialty programs also take home high marks, with six in the top 20.

College of Sciences faculty research papers and student theses are spotlighted by the Georgia Tech chapter of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society.

Ritika Chanda shares her experiences in challenging classes, undergraduate research, leadership roles in student organizations, an internship, and more at Georgia Tech.

Biochemistry major Diana Toro initiated Little Einsteins Organization, a STEM-focused, after-school program.

CoS teaching assistants are among those listed in year-end honors by the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Elena Shinohara is named Sportsperson of the Year.

Amanda Stockton's NASA-related astrobiology work is the focus of ScienceMatters Season 3 Episode 3.

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