Researchers have developed a concept that would make Martian rocket fuel, on Mars, that could be used to launch future astronauts back to Earth.
The Materials Characterization Facility (MCF) at Georgia Tech has installed a new inorganic mass spectrometry facility.
NASA officials and politicans tour Georgia Tech to look at the latest space exploration research.
School of Mathematics Professor Rafael de la Llave's number crunching for NASA is the focus of ScienceMatters Season 3 Episode 4
The cover story for the August 6, 2020 issue of Nature features the optical observations of lightning flashes on Jupiter made by the Juno spacecraft.
Researcher is ending 2020 by winning a top award in his discipline, co-authoring an attention-getting study on water on the Moon, and sharing in national exposure for his research in a major NASA space project
A new agreement with NASA puts Georgia Tech on a mission to find water on the Moon