NSF REUs, a new community college initiative, conferences and workshops offer ample opportunities for students — current, prospective, and visiting — to hone their research skills in the College of Sciences.

U.S. News ranks all six schools among the best in the nation for graduate studies, with Biology rising by 17, Earth Sciences by 10, Mathematics by five, and Psychology by six. Specialty programs also take home high marks, with six in the top 20.

ScienceMatters, the podcast of the College of Sciences, brings more tales of curiosity and discovery. Season 2 is now live at sciencematters.gatech.edu.

Samantha Mascuch and Julia Kubanek unravel the connections between slug, seaweed, and microbe.

Asheley Chapman, Jeffery Noble renew scholarships to fund their Ph.D. research in drug delivery and vaccine development.

JC Gumbart explains the power of molecular simulations in ScienceMatters Season 3 Episode 9.

Michael Damron joins a long line of Georgia Tech scientist honorees

Five faculty members are among 12 from Georgia Tech

Jess Hunt-Ralston returns to alma mater, former employer, for new role

David Sherrill’s research group points to artificial intelligence and machine learning to speed up the process of identifying drugs with big data

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