Interdisciplinary researchers discover a new membrane-dissolving toxin that V. cholerae injects into cells, giving science a possible new direction for battling the pathogen

Researchers at Georgia Tech have uncovered new insights into the fabrication of carbon membranes that have the potential to drive significant cost savings once the solution for xylene isolation separation is scaled for industrial use.

Colleges of Sciences, Engineering continue their collaboration on space science projects, including NASA’s return to the Moon

Georgia Tech scientists and engineers are building a new DOE-funded instrument that captures 3D images of plant-microbe chemical reactions underground in an interdisciplinary effort to develop biofuels and fertilizers — and help mitigate climate change.

Amit Reddi and Matthew Torres are leading an interdisciplinary team of scientists working on a class of antioxidant enzymes that paradoxically also produces a potentially harmful oxidant.

Meet David Sherrill

Hannah Choi and Henry S. “Pete” La Pierre are the latest Georgia Tech professors to receive coveted Sloan Research Fellowships, bestowed upon “scientific leaders of tomorrow” for research excellence.

A team led by Carlos Silva Acuña and Natalie Stingelin finds a way to track and measure biexcitons: the energy behind the light-emitting qualities of organic semiconductors

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